Wordpress subdomain is not behaving correctly


I have been trying to setup a subdomain (something usually only takes me a couple minutes) but suddenly I’m having issues where I install a subdomain, install a new WP installation in CPanel, setup a new database, then launch the site to setup an admin account. After I create an admin account I can’t login, can’t reset the password, and the wordpress default site is showing in plain text.

I’ve contacted InMotion hosting and they are adamant it’s a DNS issue. I’ve been going through settings and I can’t see anything incorrect here. Has anyone seen a similar issue?


Well, they should be able to confirm your DNS records, shouldnt they?


This was the response I got from inmotion:

The root-cause here is that the DNS of where the domain points is not that of your server here directly, it may be in part that you were using Cloudflare; however, when that is not enforce,d I can navigate your web-site just fine.

The only fix they suggested was to modify my host file, which doesn’t help with others viewing the site. Odd thing is, I’ve got a main site and other subdomains running just fine, it’s affecting further subdomains I’m setting up. I’ve verified the DNS records match, nameservers match.

If you have any other ideas I’m glad for any input.


Assuming you are tunnelling through Cloudflare, this is what it is supposed to be. You point to Cloudflare and Cloudflare forwards the requests to the actual server (what they refer to as “here directly”). That should not be the issue, assuming everything is set up correctly. They dont seem to be too familiar with Cloudflare.

What is the URL in question?




First things first, you have a “mixed content” issue. I’d fix that first.


I’ll fix that as soon as I can get in there. Apparently inmotion is working on the ticket I opened with them again suddenly. I’ll update this thread with whatever they can find today.


Did you read this?


Okay, after inmotion started looking at the ticket again they found some corrupted files, and had to go and make replacements. Took them a while because all the rest of the day the entire rest of the sites were slow-as. This morning the site is up and running.

Sandro, thanks for your feedback. I’ve gone and cleared up the mixed content issues and the site is not showing in plain text anymore.

Xaq, I checked our setup against the article you directed me to and it looks like everything was originally setup along that line. Thanks though, I’ve inherited this site and that gave me good confidence although I’ve still got some cleaning-up to do with the other sites.


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