Wordpress strange 524 when doing things on wp-admin

first i have read about the 524 errors , on community tips and posts, but nothing appear to match like my error.
Without Cloudflare, the website is a wordpress updated, it works fine and when i am doing change with wp-admin, it is fast. no problems, everythings worked fine.

With Cloudflare, website is great, but when i am doing things with wp-admin i have a 524 error (timed out)
I explain, for example i can edit user profile, i can open user page profile and want to change his password, i put a new password and when i do update user, i have a timed out.

Idem, for example, i want to check the smtp mailer, i can open the smtp mailer page settings, and want to do a smtp test, the page open, i put the email and other things, and when i do send mail , i have a timed out error.
That means, i can login, edit things after wp-admin, but can not make changes
I have a rule like Disabling Cloudflare features on admin pages for content management systems like WordPress – Cloudflare Help Center
but not solve the timed out problem.
Of course php have a decent timed out configured , more then the 100s provided by Cloudflare.
Any ideas ??

May I ask what action do you do or run that triggers timeout?
Why so long time for the execution of a running script?

True, it happened to me few times when using for example plugins to import data from Joomla to WordPress which took a while. It timed out, but in the background the server was working and done the needed job.

That’s kind a strange behaviour.

What WordPress version are you running?
Are you using official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin?

Any Page Rules active at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Okay, I see.

Are you using HTTPS or HTTP connection?
How about SSL certificate?

Cloudflare does not control your server PHP timeout.
PHP server timeout is setup at web server (php.ini file), while Cloudflare typically Cloudflare waits for 100 seconds for an HTTP response. Enterprise customers can increase the 524 timeout up to 600 seconds if needed.

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not for me, change password has not been done, email not recieved, reset password from users have not recieving link etc…

The last version, a wordpress website updated, yes i use the official cloudflare plugin

yes only one > Disabling Cloudflare features on admin pages for content management systems like WordPress – Cloudflare Help Center

Yes https with Really simple ssl plugin
Yes a certificate with Let’s encrypt

Yes of course, it was just a information, just for tell that my php config is more than the 100s cloudflare.

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