Wordpress SSL/nameservers

Im hosting a wordpress website. My hosting requires me to change my nameservers, so I did. I went to set up cloudflare, but they want me to remove my hosting nameservers and put cloudflares nameservers. When I do this my website becomes inaccessible.

I want the cloudflare SSL. What am I doing wrong?

Thats correct, please never even have two different Nameserver provider mixed up. Just go for one.
Go for the one from your hosting company, or the one from Cloudflare.

Then you should configurate your DNS section in your Cloudflare dashboard correct.

What error gets displayed?

It doesn’t give you anything more than the SSL you already have on your server.


How do I use this? Do I put my hosts nameservers in there?

Hm for such basic question I would recommend reading the support pages and the documentation about what DNS is, how to change and handle Nameservers and all that general stuff:

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