Wordpress speed

i have question about site speed

We can’t help if you don’t post the domain name, but there are plenty of suggestions if you search here for “wordpress speed” or “wordpress performance”.

Your site is nearly 5MB of data and 250 requests. Only thirty of those requests actually come from your domain, and Cloudlfare delivers those quickly once cached. Even your HTML is pretty quick and takes just a half-second to load.

The only content on your site that can be improved is the filesize of your images.

It’s all the rest of the stuff from Google that’s dragging your performance down.

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I have a site on blogger www.tutorialsmate.com. I tried cloudfare to increase my speed. But it was not actually a good choice for a blogger site. Try with yours, might work. I have no idea if cloudfare will be beneficial for wordpress site or not.

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