Wordpress Speed Plugins, What do I disable? (New to CF this morning)

I am going to generalize this for all speed plugins. Is there a FAQ on this? Seems questions on these for every new user. My post here is asking about caches, minimize, webp… the gamet.

As a background, I am Siteground hosted and signed up for Cloudflare Pro this morning. I skipped Siteground’s integrated Cloudflare offering as they require www. I didnt want to change that. Doing it on my own I can keep my naked URL

In Cloudflare Pro I took advantage of every option that doesnt cost more money including Polish (webp), Autominify, APO full page cache.

So to the point, in a generalized performance plug in way

If my plugin(s) support the following, what should I disable?

  • Dynamic Caching: Storing of site content in memory. I still have this on in plugin.

  • MemCache: Storing of frequently executed queries to database. I still have this on in plugin

  • Enable HTTPS: Forces HTTPS via plugin. I also have this set for Cloudflare. Should I disable in plugin?

  • Heartbeat Optimization: I have this on. I think this stays on

  • Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript. Combine each. I have this on in plugin, but also on in Cloudflare

  • Webfonts Optimization: I have this on in plugin. I believe Cloudflare does this also?

  • New Images Optimization: I have this on in the plugin, and I think I need to keep this on. Much of my uploads are large iPhone images so I do want them reduced on upload.

  • Generate Webp: I was using this. I turned it off, and deleted my Webp gen’d images. I have this turned on at Cloudflare so my thought is Cloudflare wants the regular image and in the CDN they generate themselves?

  • Lazy Load Images: Ive had this off in the plugin. Doesnt Cloudflare also offer this?

  • Wordfence: Do I still need this for firewall? I like that it checks for changed files… but for firewall, is it needed?

  • SSL: I have it configured at my host… and Cloudflare. Is that an issue?


  • GZIP compression: The plugin has this on by default. I cant change
  • Browser Cache: Sitegrounds NGINX handles timing out the browser cache (somehow), I believe Cloudflare does also…

If most of these things are handled by Cloudflare… it gets to the point that all I need is an Image upload optimizer? or still good to have the cacheing

Sorry my brain gets very binary with these things. Issue… yes/no… next. ha

Thank you in advance!

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