Wordpress site /wp-content/uploads PDF files unable to be viewed by Google Drive Viewer

What is the proper Page Rule or Firewall Rule that should be configured for the PDF files stores inside /wp-content/uploads ?

I found the Google Drive Viewer doesn’t got the file data properly. Nothing could be shown on WordPress embedded Document Viewer or open the document URL with Google Doc Web Site.

If Cloudflare is blocking PDF files, you should be able to see something under Firewall - Overview.


It could also be a display issue. In addition to checking the firewall log, you might take a look at your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) for Network or Console errors.

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Have you tried using different web browser?

May I ask you to check if your Web browser might be configured to “view” or rather “download” PDF files? - the “default action” for the PDF file extension.

My Firefox is configured to trigger download for each .pdf file extension.

Therefore, on one particular Website using “Embed any document” plugin for WordPress, I only see the “blank white space” - because PDFs cannot be viewed, only downloaded per request (set by the default action).

UPDATE: Okay, now I checked and I do see it somehow.
The URL in <iframe> is like:

Plugin I am using:

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Thanks for replying my question.
The Overview section shows nothing got blocked. I am seeking other issues about this problem.

Thanks for replying my question. The Web Browser F12 Development Tool showing one error:

“Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing”. I think it is the major hint about my problem. I am finding the best way to avoid this error.

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Thanks for replying my question The problem is occurs on all common Web Browsers, Edge, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi. They are got the same problem.

The file is downloadable with the URL, no HTTP Encoding problem. Somehow another things blocking it.

My current situation is no idea how to let the uploaded PDF files bypass the protection to prevent the CORS header removing.