Wordpress site wont refresh when changes made

I have an ongoing issue when using cloudflare which is starting to grind on me a little.

I use WordPress and generally, when making changes, they appear immediately EXCEPT when I make a change to the stylesheet.

When I edit the style.css - the file almost NEVER refreshes and I am forced to login to cloudflare EVERY TIME and purge the cache - even waiting 24 hours - still no change.

How can I force CloudFlare to recognise changes onsite without forcing a purge everytime?

Stylesheets are generally a static resource that should rarely change. That’s why it’s part of Cloudflare’s default cache policy. Cloudflare won’t monitor changes of that file at the origin.

So you need to weigh your choices: Cache CSS for a long time to make your site faster, or Cache CSS for a short time so your updates go out soon after you make them, but slows down CDN performance. Most site admins will use Dev Mode in Cloudflare to bypass cache, and then Purge Everything once the design changes are completed. This should be infrequent.

You can also try adding the Cloudflare plugin. It’s supposed to purge cache when you make design changes, though I’ve not tested out this functionality.

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