Wordpress Site wont let update to https

Hi all,

I have a website hosted by Godaddy on a wordpress managed plan, last week I merge to cloudflare and since I cant see any pictures on my website, I have installed the cloudflare plugin, simple SSL to migrate the site but still it wont allow me to change the site url to https. I have contacted Godaddy and they said that is nothing that they can because I change the name server to cloudflare so i really dont know what to do now.

Any ideas how to update the site URL? Also with that plan I dont have access to the Cpannel so i cant even go and change the php file manually .


my site is twenty20design.co.uk

That domain isn’t using Cloudflare, and it’s also not displaying anything.

Sorry I missed type the URL is https://twenty20designs.co.uk/

Hi @lfnunes90,

The images there appear to be loading from an external URL. 941.b22.myftpupload.com

The URLs seem to be giving an SSL error e.g. https://941.b22.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Twenty20Designs.png, this domain isn’t on Cloudflare, so you would need to get the images sorted there, or host them on your own site.

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