Wordpress Site Very Slow For logged in users

Site works super fast when EVERYTHING IS CACHED but obviously because we have a woocommerce shopping cart where only logged in users can buy products we cannot use the everything is cached feature and can only use the standard cached feature. Am i right?

Can someone please advise how to get the site moving quicker for logged in users? We’ve tried everything, optimising etc.

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Full and proper web site optimisation involves both optimising frontend and backend. Cloudflare and all it’s CDN caching will only help on frontend. Any cache miss i.e. logged in users will hit the backend and you need to tune and optimise backend components like web server i.e. nginx, apache, php, and mysql server backend servers.

A web site is only as fast as it’s slowest part. So in your case backend needs optimising and tuning which would be beyond what Cloudflare can help with unfortunately.

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