Wordpress Site Using Cache Plugin - What Else Do I Need To Do?

I just tried to switch my self-hosted Wordpress site over (https site). When the DNS switched the site wouldn’t load anymore ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. My first guess is maybe my WP Fastest Cache Plugin is having a conflict as there is a CDN config section with a Cloudflare option, BUT, I can’t access it since I can’t access my site.

So what is the proper procedure (assuming that’s the cause). Enter the CDN config BEFORE switching the DNS? Do I need to then deactivate the plugin until the DNS switches for the website to work?

Could it be an issue with SSL? As I said, I’m self-hosted on my own dedicated WHM/Cpanel Server.

Are there possibly some other migration steps I’m missing that were’ in the Cloudflare steps presented to me? (Running on a WHM/Cpanel server.) Is there a waiting period while it completes the full migration or should it work immediately after the DNS switches?

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