Wordpress site really Slow and keep getting 524 timeout errors

My website was working fine but now of recent I keep getting timeout errors. I might be editing a post,page or whatever on the site and get a timeout.

My website url is https://www.cjayfashion.com

After couple of reloads,it goes back up. Then repeats that. Am using wordpress,this is so stressful. I don’t even know the feeling of the customers out there.

Any quick help will be appreciated.

Cloudflare is only going to wait for 100 seconds for your server to respond. You could try setting DNS to :grey: and see how long it takes the page to load. It took 57 seconds for HTML to load for me.

What dns part should i set to :grey:?

The one that says ‘www’

Okay…let me do that… and see the result…

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When I do that,I get a white screen showing connection problems. When I return to orange , it works but same issue.

If it’s :grey: and still has problems, you need to fix your server before it can work as :orange:.

I will get to them …and see where it ends… I tried couple of times but to conclusion…

I might consider changing host,this one seems to be limiting alot of I/O resources from many reviews.

As a shared-hosting user with WP sites, I also faced lots of 524 and related CF errors. I still do to a lesser extent.

One thing that helped me was that I’ve realized that when editing, customizing etc, right-clicking to “Open link in new tab” is your friend.

Since WordPress sets its dashboard links to open on the same tab, this generates lots of unnecessary reloads of the main page while shuffling between posts and pages to be edited.

And there are many plugins that open JS, CSS and other files while you are visiting the WP Dashboard and its subpages.

Besides opening pages/posts in new tabs on the backend, one thing you can do is visit the WP dashboard with Dev Tools open, and check which plugins are loading unnecessary JS/CSS files, then try to replace them with better-behaving alternatives.


This looks helpful…let me try that and come with an update.

By the way, i open almost all links in a new browser .

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