Wordpress Site not working

this http://orenda.n-b.com.ua/ not working
this http://skidka.n-b.com.ua/ works good. All settings are the same. The reason is understandable.

I’m not understanding your question, neither site uses cloudflare, no sign they ever have…

All of them are hosted on DNS cloudflare

The reason will be most likely that you do not have a valid SSL certificate on your server. Contact your host and get them to configure your site properly for SSL and the issue should be fixed.

This is already done. Only this n-b.com.ua has SSL. Third-level domains do not have a certificate. Thank you for your responses.

You will need a certificate for them as well if you want to serve the content via HTTPS. If not, simply make sure you are not redirecting to HTTPS.

Yes. I speak English poorly. Sorry. I don’t understand why one works, the other does not.

First question, do you want orenda.n-b.com.ua to be reachable via HTTPS or HTTP-only?


In that case you need to go through your server configuration and remove whatever HTTPS redirect your server is sending.

Thank you for your responses. I’ll go look.

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