Wordpress Site not working properly, Bluehost says it's Cloudflare


Dec 20, 8:07 AM PST

Hello, I installed the WP Fastest Cache on my Wordpress site on Dec 18/20 and I started a Cloudflare account and integrated Cloudflare with WP Fastest Cache on the same day. Yesterday I deleted WP Fastest Cache and I purchased and installed WP Rocket along with Cloudflare. My site was working fine up until last night, but as of this morning, my pictures, icons, images etc are all not working. My Monster Insight plugin also gives me an error stating that ‘Ooops! It Appears JavaScript Didn’t Load’. When I try to deactivate the WP Rocket plugin, I get an error stating ‘The link you followed has expired. Please try again.’ I contacted my hosting company Bluehost, and they have confirmed that there is no issue from the Wordpress files and that the issue appears to be with the CDN. They are saying that Cloudflare has blocked the permission and that the domain needs to be whitelisted. What can I do to resolve this issue ASAP? Thank you!

What’s the domain?


I can confirm that your origin server is not the problem. It looks like your Plugins directory has been blocked off. Do you have any Firewall Rules set up here at Cloudflare?

I have these 3 page rules set:

Please let me know if you can’t see the screenshot …

Sorry, this is my first time building a website, and I’m essentially just following videos, blogs etc, so I really have zero clue about the technical piece …

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Check the Firewall section of the Cloudflare dashboard. The main page (Overview) will show Firewall Events, and I expect you will see all the blocked requests. A screenshot of that would be nice.

If you click over to the “Firewall Rules” section, you might have something there that’s blocking access.

Right now it is showing 1270 items under the Overview tab.

Thank you for your time!

Under Firewall Rules is the following:

Thank you!

I bet it’s the Protect Insecure Plugins rule. Turn it Off and see if that fixes it. If you don’t mind posting what’s inside that rule, we can see exactly what’s causing the block.

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Here is what’s inside the rule:

I’m not a fan of that rule, but you can do a Referer “does not contain” brillinitravels, and that should be safer. The Referer generally contains the HTTPS and maybe some other stuff.

What are you trying to protect against?

I turned off the rule, but the site is still the same. I’m not sure if I need to clear the cache, which I’m trying to do but I’m not able to . Seems like my Wordpress dashboard is all wonky. When I try to deactivate the WP Rocket plugin, it takes me to the following page:

WordPress also keeps telling me that I need to update to the newer version, but when i click on update, nothing actually happens

Honestly, I was just following some YouTube video, so I really have no clue what the rules mean. Should I just delete the rule you think?

Also, the reason I was watching tutorials was to figure out how to speed up my site …

Sorry, I’m not following … which parts of the rule should i delete/change? thanks!

Just delete it. If you really want to protect your WordPress site, install the Wordfence plugin. The free version is excellent.

EDIT: The Page Rules you have set up are also problematic. First of all, your first rule should be last, as it will Cache Everything before it works its way down the list. Any time you do Cache Everything WordPress, it can get weird. But moving that rule (drag it down the list) should help a lot.

EDIT, Part 2 (I’m on a roll): That third rule for uploads is set to Bypass Cache, but sets an Edge Cache TTL. There’s no Edge Cache if you’ve bypassed the cache. Personally, I’d delete that page rule.

I think that’s enough for now.

You are on a roll! :slight_smile:

So looks like my home page is back to ‘normal’ now, however all my other pages give me the following error:

Could all those pages be linked to the firewall and page rules too?

Thanks again

That’s definitely something else. It could be that your Permalink structure has changed. You’d have to check that in WordPress settings.

Thank you so much for your help!

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