Wordpress Site keeps requesting to Login

Hi all!

Not sure if this post will be relevant here but desperately need help.

My site keeps asking me to log in while I’m working on it and I have tried to get help from my host (Cloudways) and a couple of “WordPress experts”. It doesn’t log me out, but I get the pop up asking me to log in. Sometimes it says “Your session has expired and to log in to continue where you left off”.

Has anyone had this issue before?

I’ve done the obvious with clearing cookies, cache, added code, checked plugins and asked for professional help.
I don’t know anything about Cloudflare or if it could possibly be causing any issues.
When I requested help from a site called Fixrunner (Wordpress fixers), they told me they couldn’t even log in with my credentials. They got my Hosting & Cloudflare credentials too but still couldn’t help as they couldn’t log in even though I could at my end.

Any suggestions welcomed, getting pretty desperate now!


Are you using APO with the Cloudflare plugin, or any Page Rules?

Hi sdayman,


It’s possible your server isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses, so if at some point, your get routed a different way through Cloudflare, your apparent IP address will change.

If you need more specific guidance, please post the domain name.

Domain - https://trade2win.co.nz/
Email during our conversations.

Cloudflare isn’t caching your pages, but something else is caching some of them:


What does this mean?
I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about this sort of thing.
Do you think this is causing my issue?
How can I use this information to help getting this fixed.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your time and efforts.

Ask Cloudways how to disable all caching, and if they restore visitor IP addresses coming through Cloudflare.

Thanks, will do

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