Wordpress site is slower than before

My Wordpress site is at https://davidsplace.org/ and works very well. No complaints. However, in webpagetest.com I noticed it is getting an ‘F’ for first byte, yet it used to get an ‘A’. I use a vanila Cloudflare configuration and can’t figure wht the change from A to F. Any tips will be welcome. Thank you.

Thats a common Wordpress issue, hence it is unlikely Cloudflare is involved here. You will need to optimise your Wordpress setup and/or utilise some sort of cache plugin to avoid recreating everything from scratch upon each page load.

You also notice it at http://sitemeer.com/#https://davidsplace.org & http://sitemeer.com/#davidsplace.org

The former loads your HTTPS page and the page itself and take up to two seconds, the latter loads it via HTTP and gets the redirect and is done within a few milliseconds.

Thanks for the info. I’m confused. I changed from ‘full SSL’ to ‘flexible SSL’ and webpagetest.com gives an A for https//davidsplace.org and a B for non-ssl version. That seems bood, but is saying the opposite of what sitemeer is now saying. That’s confusing. I noticed on sitemeer that the https version gets status code 200 everywhere except US, where it gets 508. I don’t understand that, either. The site has always had caching, so no changes there. I could use some advice on how to get the times more consistent and on how to reduce the double loading that appears in sitemeer. I tried the Cloudflare plugin, but it didn’t seem to do anything that I hadn’t done on the Cloudflare website. Tips are welcome. thanks,


Switching to Flexible makes Cloudflare now connect to your server via HTTP instead of HTTPS.

It does appear to be faster now, the reason why Sitemeer still shows larger figures seems to be that your server does not react too well under load. Sitemeer checks it from nine locations and with two IP address you will get 18 concurrent requests, which seemingly drives up your load enough to increase the response times.

As for plugin, I didnt mean a Cloudflare plugin, but a caching plugin for Wordpress. There are plenty, some better, some worse. However it seems your issue might be rather the TLS configuration on your server, considering the connection appears to be faster now that you switched to HTTP.

I’ve found Comet Cache to work very well.

Thank you. I have used Comet Cache for this site for several years and am very pleased with it. My intent in posting to the Cloudflare forum was seeking some Wordpress-specific feedback on why requests to are slower than requests to . Wordpress does use redirects and maybe that’s the issue and unavoidable, but maybe there are other components involved. And part of the issue may be the various speed testing sites. gtmetrix.com ranks them as the same - very fast, but webpagetest.com gives an ‘A’ to the https request and an ‘F’ to the http request. Pingdom.com gives both a ‘D’ and better than 94% of all requests, but notes that redirects are a problem ONLY with the http version. I’m very pleased with the Cloudflare performance. My post was mostly for my understanding of the differences. Any clarification on why the difference would be appreciated, but maybe it’s irrelevant. Thanks to you and Sandro for responding. david

There is no authority on page speed. I don’t go by the different vendor numbers too much. I prefer my own A/B testing and get it as fast as possible - something that means lowering their speed ‘scores’.

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