Wordpress site hosted with inmotion using Wix domain

My situation has been a nightmare. I had been using Wix for a few years for everything, then when I changed over to Wordpress and tried to move the domain to my new host (inmotion hosting) found that they did not cater for the .XYZ domain, as well as Wix not allowing anyone to transfer the domain over.

The site is quite big, and unreliable. I’ve downloaded the Cloudflare app in wordpress and linked my API to my Cloudflare account, but all Wix domains are tied up with Network Solutions as they have a deal with them.
Apparently I can transfer the domain only through Wix, but not the name servers.

  1. If I transfer the domain from Wix to Cloudflare while using Wordpress with hosting by inmotion, will my site be affected?
  2. When using the Cloudflare app on wordpress, do I need to still transfer my domain to Cloudflare for it to work?

I mainly would like to try the CDN for speed, and see what else I can improve on.

Any Suggestions? Or has anyone else dealt with this kind of issue?
Thanks in advance.

I’ve transferred a .xyz domain over to Cloudflare Registrar, so it’s working here.

  1. Domain Registrar doesn’t affect Cloudflare functionality. If it’s working before the transfer, it will work after the transfer. The only caveat is that certain registrars (like GoSomething) reset name servers on the way out and Cloudflare Support would need to reset it again.
  2. To use that Cloudflare plugin on WordPress, your domain must be proxied by Cloudflare (using Cloudflare name servers with DNS set to :orange:)
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