WordPress site doesn’t load on mobile unless I clear the cach

I’m using Cloudflare through Plesk on a WordPress site. The theme is Avada and I have the CF plugin installed with edit to wp_config.php made. I have turned off wp fastest cache and js compiling by the theme.

The site runs great after purging caches, first on WP then I purge CF. After a few hours it won’t fully load on mobile devices.

I must have some settings incorrect but am at the end of knowing what to look at next. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Site is https://greenriverbotanicals.com - CF cache purged at 6:20am EST

Can you be more specific about “won’t fully load on mobile”? What’s not loading?

Sdayman - the progress bar gets between 25-30% into loading and the site is blank. It just stops. It may work great on desktop/laptop/iphone but not ipad, or good an all but a phone. Because its happening on mobile I don’t know how to use chrome or firefox inspector to see what resource is stopping it.

What I’m seeing is a nearly endless loading of resources. Over a minute’s time, over there are over 200 requests (many of them fusion and avada scripts) and 7.5 megs of data.

I used Firefox’s mobile simulation mode for an iPhone X to check this.

If you go to the Overview page in the Cloudflare Dashboard, you can “Bypass Cloudflare on Site” (lower right corner of dashboard) and see if the problem persists. Note that it takes 5 minutes for the bypass to take effect.

OK - Ill try that - thanks for the tip on mobile simulation mode

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