WordPress site disconnected from server on updates/image load


I have a WordPress site connected to Cloudflare through the DNS settings. I also use Hummingbird to optimise my sites speed.

My site is constantly - waiting for a connection when I am working in the backend of the site updating content and uploading images etc.

Is this due to my settings or because my websites visitor load is to high?

It is really slowing down my ability to upload content and make changes to my sites.

Thanks for any advice.

What kind of file type are you uploading?
How big is it?
Is the domain being proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: cloud)?

Any errors appear in error.log or in debug.log (you would need to enable WordPress debugging).

Regarding Hummingbird plugin, may I ask if you already checked here?:

There are issues with some other plugins too:

To configure Hummingbird and Cloudflare, see on the above link or here:

Thank you for that. Ill look through all of it.

I am only uploading images less than 500 kbs

The DNS points to Cloudflare and then is proxied by Cloudflare.

Could be, check the above link to see and re-check if your Hummingbird ist configured correctly with Cloudflare.

That one could also be possible. Depending on the daily visitor count (web traffic), and if so, for WordPress if you are using some cache plugin (for page cache to serve html pages faster to visitors) and resources available at your hosting/server.

Maybe you could try for a month or so with APO for WordPress which Cloudflare offers and see if anything changes, while I do not know if you would need Hummingbird too (I think you would need to disable it to not have some other issues too with the cache, etc.).

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