Wordpress site and/or WHM/CPANEL loading blank page

Sometimes our Wordpress website and/or WHM/CPANEL are loading blank page or not loading complete when cloudflare is enabled.
When i pause cloudflare everything loads ok. I also tried deleting cache but nothing happens.
When wordpress website loads, the fonts are not loading correctly and when navigating the links, it also shows blank page.

What can it be?

Thanks in advance,

Reginaldo Bray

Hi there,

It is difficult to say without being able to reproduce - what I would recommend is looking at your console log and the network tab of your browser developer tools when this is happening - it may show you some errors that may help progress your investigation.

  • Are you running APO (automatic platform optimization) on Cloudflare?
  • Do you have Rocket loader enabled?

You can do process of elimination and if you have these features enabled, try to disable them and see if that corrects the issue, that should help narrow down the scope of what it could be.

hope this helps!

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Hi Damian, thank you for your kind help.

The APO feature wasn’t running. I just enabled it and i have the website monitoring right now. I will post if anything shows.

Best regards,

Reginaldo Bray