Wordpress site 502 error on google url inspection tool Site:https://srimprint.com/

my Site: https://example.com/ when checked with url inspection tool in google it Reports 502 redirect Error.

" User-declared canonical https:///example.com/q/k/c/bsr+recorder/
User-declared canonical Same as user-declared canonical "

And has de- indexed my site what is the problem but site opens good ,html php also checked for any injection manually kindly help me out I am Business owner and developer of site.
Kindly Let Me Know What is the problem

Please edit your post to remove the link to potentially malicious website by replacing domain with example.com, to avoid having your topic flagged.

This is not a Cloudflare issue. Your site is redirecting due to an infection, which must be resolved at the origin.

Here are some tips from wordpress.org:

And some tips from Google:

If you have further questions, please head to Forums | WordPress.org

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Hey Guys is Hey a way to edit title to example.com.
I tried to change site url has advised but couldn’t
issue still remain kindly help just virus scanning
virus total clean.

This has already been done by one of the mods.

Malware is an issue you’ll need to solve at the origin. Or else provide specific elements that would indicate a Cloudflare service is causing the issue.

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