Wordpress Simple SSL & Cloudflare Auto HTTPS Rewrite option


I’m trying to optimize our wordpress site and I have a question:

Do i need the really need the wordpress simple ssl plugin if im using Cloudflares Automatic HTTPS Rewrites??

I’m a little afraid to disable the plugin and not be able to access my site to test it out…advice?


Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your origin server? If you’re fully SSL-enabled, then you can manage your site without that plugin. What’s the SSL setting you’re using here at Cloudflare? Flexible? Full? Full/Strict?

Hi. Thank you for the reply! Yes I have Cloudflares origin certificate installed, and am running in Full/Strict. I thought I needed that plugin because previously I wasn’t running any type of ssl and it was needed for links and plugins but idk.

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I just wanted to make an update on this. The plugin is absolutely necessary on my site to avoid “mixed content” errors. Also I needed an additional plugin Better Search Replace. Hope this helps someone else.

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Another way to fix a Mixed Content error is to do a search/replace on your database to change http://example.com to https://example.com (this will fix all URLs to your domain still using http.

There’s a plugin you can install, then remove once you’ve done the search/replace: