Wordpress Setup - Plugin and Nameservers?

New to Cloudflare and not sure if with a WP site I just need the plugin or both the plugin and NS change as all tutorials do not show both being done.

Also, if a larger site, does Cloudflare migrate my media/images folder to their servers or how does the current data get moved to the CDN?


Cloudflare is not a CDN in that sense. There wont be anything migrated but Cloudflare will proxy and cache the content of your site.

Please use the search here and support.cloudflare.com. These questions are all covered there.

Thanks for the reply and clarification about the caching. Do you know if I need the WP plugin and the nameservers change to take effect? I cannot find that documentation on the FAQ, support or even tutorials about using CF with WP. Thanks!

No, the plugin is optional, but you have to change the nameservers of course.

Great - thanks for clarifying

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