WordPress set up downtime

I’ve searched the community without much information on this. I’ve set up CloudFlare on my WP MultiSite instance where I already have live clients.

I’ve set up the account following this article https://www.mprstudio.com/speed-up-wordpress-w3-total-cache-cloudflare/#authorize

The site URL is gobokly.com

I’ve two questions…

  1. How can activate CloudFlare just for a single subdomain (web.gobokly.com)
  2. How can I revert back the DNS before 24 hours if CloudFlare configuration breaks the site.

I feel that changing server DNS records are too risky having live clients and being the window 24 hours to change and another 24 hours to change back if anything goes wrong, I would be leaving my clients without their site for 48 hours at best!

Is there any technique I can use to test the integration first? I couldn’t figure out how to use a staging subdomain to test this on.

I really feel we need a solution to prevent downtimes during the implementation.

Thank you.

  1. Cloudflare is based upon your DNS records. They should be identical to the ones you’re currently using. That part is pretty bulletproof if you didn’t miss anything.
  2. Your entire domain will switch over to Cloudflare DNS, but you may want to set all records to :grey: so it’s DNS-Only, just like what you’re using now with your current host.
  3. If you want to pre-flight test this, create a test domain at Cloudflare.

The solution is in your own preparation. Every organization goes through this from time to time: Moving production resources to a new location. They just prepare extremely well for it.

Now here’s the CAUTION note: If you’re using Multisite in subdomain mode, you can’t just use wildcard DNS (a * record) for your subdomains (unless you’re on an Enterprise plan here). Every subdomain needs its own DNS record if you want to proxy it through Cloudflare. Otherwise, they will be DNS-Only, which you probably don’t want since you’re going through all this effort.

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“Every subdomain needs its own DNS record if you want to proxy it through Cloudflare.”

Can you explain how to do that, please?

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