Wordpress plugins woocommerce and revolution slider's admin setting shows page not found when clicked


I using default wordpress theme, installed both woocommerce and revolution slider plugins.

On Woocommerce “Status” setting on backend, it just gives me “Page not Found”

Same as all admin setting for Revolution Sliders.

My site on Cloudflare.

Please help. Thanks.

As long as you’re not using page rules to rewrite URLs (I believe you don’t) this is a problem with your plugins. I found several things about this for woocommerce but only about 404 on product pages. Mostly they were not activated in the backend or there were issues with perma links.

I don’t see this as a Cloudflare issue.

Tested without Cloudflare, both plugins work flawlessly.

Yes maybe not a Cloudflare issue but Cloudflare setting.

Two options then that I suspect:

Deactivate Rocket Loader or if you’re using auto minify play around with it. One after another :wink:

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