WordPress Plugins (Obsolete)?


If im using cloudflare on my wordpress site, are JetPack, AMP, and Cache plugins no longer needed?

They are still beneficial, at least in regards to Wordpress cache plugin. Although Cloudflare will cache your static content (js, css, images), it will not cache your html pages, which are always served from Wordpress on your origin server. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a Wordpress “cache plugin” to make sure html documents are served as fast as possible from your origin server. Unlike Cloudflare, Wordpress cache plugins have the ability to detect when you make changes in your WP pages, and can automatically invalidate the “page cache” when required.

I don’t think JetPack and AMP are as crucial as a cache plugin, but I wouldn’t be able to claim they don’t have any benefit also when using Cloudflare. Probably minimal benefit.

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Thank you for your time.

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