Wordpress plugin with checking IP addresses not working properly

Hello all,

I have two websites running on Wordpress that are using the same widget - widget is checking users IP addresses and based on that it is giving you opportunity to vote for the image or not (in 24 hours you can vote once for image). So basically, both websites are having bunch of images which users can vote for.
The issue is on the website that has cloudflare - ip addresses are changing. If user opens the website in incognito mode - IP Address is different - so that is breaking my rules for voting only once per day.
I know that Cloudflare is because of the security issues changing users ip addresses, but is there any way to disable this (without turning off cloudflare)?
Or is there any way I can try to catch users original IP Address and store it like that, not the changed one?

Thanks in advance

If the Plugin can’t be set to watch for original IP address headers, you would have to do this at the server level:

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