Wordpress plugin not integrating and can't do APO from CloudFlare Dashboard

I am having facing an issue for the past one month I can’t integrate the Cloudflare WordPress plugin with Cloudflare as it’s showing the message " It looks like your domain kräftsmen.com is not provisioned with Cloudflare."

And now after a month when I got no solution from your side I tried to do APO ( Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress) from the Cloudflare dashboard and its shows “Note: This optimization is only available for websites using WordPress. We did not detect WordPress running for kräftsmen.com”. Please guide me if this is not possible I’ll shift to another platform as my time is wasted and wasting everyday as not clear response from your side. So please answer full and final if this is possible or not. Thanks

HI @hammad.arefeen sorry for the issues, I made some notes on your ticket with Support and added a link to this conversation. Sorry for the ongoing issues.

@cloonan when it’ll be resolved as until this issue not resolved I can’t do anything I want to subscribe for the business plan but if this issue is not resolved unfortunately I have to switch to other platform. Please give me a timeline as I have waited enough.

Hi @hammad.arefeen, I see the update from Support from a few hours ago, were you able to remove the origin www redirect and did that have an effect?

@cloonan I have removed the redirection now there’s no redirection and also I had reinstall the WordPress plugin still the same errors please see the screenshots. thanks. Waiting for your reply.

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@cloonan Any update waiting for your reply?

@hammad.arefeen please add the following line in the wp-config.php:

 define("CLOUDFLARE_DOMAIN_NAME", "kräftsmen.com");

This should address the issue of the plugin activation.

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@yevgen thanks you so much, WordPress plugin is now successfully integrated and working. Thanks again man for months I was talking to support for this.

glad to hear this worked for you!

v4.5.0 was released earlier this morning and will now support this out of the box without the need for defining a custom CLOUDFLARE_DOMAIN_NAME.

Just uploaded it and it crashed my site, There has been a critical error on this website. Disabled it and back online. Wordpress error basically said part of the plugin failed to load

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