WordPress Plugin not detected

We’ve had the CloudFlare plugin installed on dermaplanepro.com for some time, and from the plugin side it appears to work fine:

The CloudFlare dashboard under Speed / Optimized delivery continues to say “Note: The WordPress plugin was not detected on dermaplanepro.com.” Nothing changes if I click Check Again.

This knowledge base article says “If your Cloudflare dashboard can’t detect the WordPress, be sure to install and activate the Cloudflare plugin from WordPress.” Surely someone looking for support has already tried that.

Recently we got an email telling we must install the plugin to use APO:

Dear Cloudflare Customer,

In the coming days, we’ll be making a big change to Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) designed to make your WordPress site even faster. By moving cached content managed by APO from Workers KV to Tiered Cache, we’ll further improve the performance benefits APO brings your site.

In order to take advantage of this change, you need to have the Cloudflare plugin installed on your WordPress sites with APO enabled. We’ve noticed that you don’t have the WordPress plugin installed on your site, so we encourage you to install it to take advantage of APO.

If you don’t install the plugin, APO can only use the local cache which will result in suboptimal performance.

Simply follow the link to install and activate the plugin to get the full benefit of this new and improved version of APO.

So will APO work correctly if we have installed and activated the plugin, but Cloudflare cannot detect it?

Due to Cloudflare APO and WordPress, I believe more experienced Sir @yevgen could know and provide you more information how to resolve your issue more than myself.

Kindly and patiently, please wait for an reply.

please update to the latest version of WordPress plugin 4.4.0 and navigate to the Home page. It should display warnings if any and explain how to resolve it. We will take care of the rest automatically.

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Seems to be fixed, thank you! We got no warning on the 4.4.0 plugin home page, but the Cloudflare dashboard now says “WordPress plugin successfully detected” under Speed / Optimization.

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