Wordpress plugin has different, incorrect statuses on 2 sites

Hi - I’m considering upgrading to the “Pro” plan and one of the reasons is APO (not the only reason).

I’m a little concerned, though, because I have two wordpress sites:

  • Site 1 has the plugin installed and the Cloudflare website says it’s not installed. This is evidenced by both “The WordPress plugin was not detected on…” as well as a big blue button that says “Install Wordpress Plugin.”
  • Site 2 does NOT have the plugin installed and also just tells me to purchase the subscription or upgrade. The wording that the plugin was not detected is not there, nor is the big blue button.

Regardless if I pay the $5 for the plugin or upgrade to $20 for the plan, I’m a little concerned that I’ll be buying something that isn’t going to work since the status of both sites is incorrect.

Is there a way to… I don’t know… “reset” the status or would I need to delete the websites from Cloudflare?

I’ve tried purging every cache I can find on both server and on Cloudflare, rebooted, left it overnight to see if the status would update, deleted and reinstalled the plugin, tried using global key instead of a custom, local api key… unsure what else I can do short of deleting the sites from Cloudflare, which I really don’t want to do. Is there a limitation that I can only have one site on APO?

Think I figured it out. I only allow GET and HEAD, but it requires PATCH. I enabled PATCH and it immediately enabled.

Hope that helps someone else – or perhaps me again – in the future.


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