WordPress Plugin for Cloudflare Images

Is there a plugin or plugin in development for the integration of Cloudflare images in WordPress?

This is required as more than 30% websites use WordPress in the world.

There’s community plugins for integrating Image Resizing but I’m not entirely sure how a plugin for Images would work since all of your images are hosted with Cloudflare on their custom domain (albeit you can access them through /cdn-cgi/ on your zones).

But, if it gets integrated in WordPress, uploading images could be simplified with the WordPress flow.

Same as S3 and Cloudfront is used.

At the moment, I don’t think I’ve seen any plugins for WordPress that more-or-less replace WordPress’ native media library as other plugins do with other service-types. Although I’d thought about writing a plugin for it, at one point, I’d opted to keep WordPress handling the media stuff as it natively does and simply use Cloudflare’s Image Resizing instead.

I’m using a Worker to rewrite all image URLs on the Web site, front-end and admin-area both. Using a Worker, don’t have to make a tonne of changes to themes, plugins, etc. to make use of the Image Resizing URL format . The Worker takes care of the URL rewrites.

There’s a WordPress plugin on GitHub that does similar. But, on a more limited basis though, and it doesn’t get all the images everywhere like the Worker does. That’s why I’d transitioned from a WordPress plugin to a Cloudflare Worker to rewrite the image URLs.

With that said though, Image Resizing wouldn’t offload the storage requirements from your origin server as Images does.

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