WordPress plugin for Cloudflare Images available

I was googling for the plugin and found this.

It would be great if Cloudflare can add some easy to use option within its official WP plugin, so we can use Images feature with WordPress. Or join the development of the above plugin to keep it maintained.

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I doubt, however I’d say that’s rather up to the individual option and choice of the developer of that particular plugin if he/she would implement a way to do it via Cloudflare API for Cloudflare Images by using it.

But, never say never. Maybe Cloudflare development team would publish something in that terms as some kind of an official plugin in future :wink:

Until then we hope there will be a way :crossed_fingers:

P.S. Using :search: icon, I remember there were topics about similar ideas and wants from other users about WordPress + Cloudflare Images / R2 / Image Resizing / Stream features and combinations via Cloudflare API …

I know, I love searching before posting. I just hope the similar thread was open, so I could add my comment. There was really a very similar titlled topic. I really wish I wouldn’t have have to open a new topic for this.

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Some foreach loop to list all uploads from WP Media Library, then using Cloudflare API to upload them to the CF Images or CF R2, therefore an option “checkbox” to replace and serve image URLs on your posts/pages, and display/list them as from CF rather than origin/local Media Library. Also a way to resize them or something via CF …

Hopefully we won’t hit the limits by doing that on Websites with 50k or more uploads to re-sync :sweat_smile:

Would be cool, I agree :slight_smile:

We should also poke :point_right: the developer about that idea on the official plugin’s WordPress repo (or maybe if they have GitHub) too, just to see the response if they’d want to play a bit with this and implement such a great thing in future (as a support request).

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I personally tested the plugin and Cloudflare images. avif need improvment I think.

and other downside Cloudflare don’t have active pop in Indonesia the nearest only to singapore. lot faste without using cf image in my country

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