WordPress plugin error: "Email address or API key invalid"


I have installed Wordpress Cloudflare plugin for the web-site under Cloudflare.

When I try to login, I get the following error:
“Email address or API key invalid”.

I checked several times, and followed instructions.

How this issue can be fixed?

Thank you.

Manually type in the email address that shows up in My Profile (upper right corner of Cloudflare Dashboard), and copy/paste the Global API Key.

This is something unbelievable!
I created Cloudflare with e-mail on Gmail.
I had dot in my e-mail, I by accident typed it in wrong position, I used wrong e-mail indeed.
But Gmail continued to deliver me E-mail confirmations from Cloudflare, and other mail notification, I just checked this, that I used wrong e-mail on Cloudflare from the very beginning.

And I got an error only when I tried to use Cloudflare plugin for Wordpress!

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Dot position (or existence) in Gmail doesn’t matter, so that would certainly foul things up. Glad it’s working now.