Wordpress Plugin Doesn't Load, just Spinning Wheel

I have downloaded and installed the Wordpress Cloudflare Plugin Version: 4.12.2 but when I enter my email address and API key it just shows a spinning wheel forever and never gets beyond this. When testing in Cloudflare it says there is no Plugin installed in my website.
I am running Wordpress version: 6.3.1
My website is Unicus.com.au
Any suggestions on what I should do to get this working? I have tried uninstalling and installing again. I have deactivated all other plugins in case there is a conflict and still having the same result? I have attached an image of what is on screen. If I click on any of these options nothing happens?

Thanks for your help.

I have also tried rolling back to Wordpress version 6.2.2 which the Cloudflare plugin says is the last tested version of Wordpress for the current release of the plugin, but this didn’t make any difference?


Visit your WordPress dashboard with Dev Tools open (F12 on Windows Chrome). Then make note of any request being blocked with a 403. Then follow the suggestions here to identify and adjust any security feature that may be blocking requests.

Thanks for your reply. When I do that it comes up with this (screenshot) - is this what you mean? I am not sure what to do with this information as the guide you sent doesn’t seem to detail what I should do. Please can you help?
Thank you

There may be a plugin compatibility issue. Leave the Cloudflare plugin enabled, then disable all the others. If that fixes it, you’ll have to start enabling the other plugins one at a time until you find the one that’s incompatible.

I have tried disabling all of the plugins and it still happens?
Here is the error in Chrome Dev Tools:

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A 500 Internal Server Error can be the result of many things. Most of them unrelated to Cloudflare. You need to check with your hosting provider if there’s any rate-limiting being applied to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php requests. You may also want to check any security plugin’s settings to see if there’s any log related to these requests.

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