WordPress & Plesk ServerShield by Cloudflare

I am running a few websites with WordPress, with Plesk Onyx control panel
In Plesk there is an option to use ServerShield by Cloudflare, after enable DNS are modified for www to use Cloudflare

What should be wordpress URL www.domain.tld or domain.tld or doesn’t matter and still my sites will use Cloudflare either way?
I hope you will understand my question

Thanks in advance

Did you work this out on your own? If not reply and we can try to find the answers.

No I am still looking for answer
I am looking for best practice using Cloudflare along with my websites

Cloudflare will work either way. It’s up to you to decide if you want your site to be www.example.com or example.com. Or both…but I suggest you pick one and stick with it.

My apache configuration use .domain and my WP site also

Only if a visitor use www.domain.tld the request goes through Cloudflare

Do you have two DNS “A” entries here? One that’s example.com (for your domain) with your server’s IP address, and another that’s just ‘www’ with the same IP address. Both should be :orange:.

If you want to keep using www only, you can either set up a redirect on your server, or create a rule here for http://example.com/* that redirects (Code 301) to http://www.example.com/$1

Thank you sdayman
but Plesk when use Cloudflare change DNS records and they are something like

From what little I can see, those just don’t look right.

I don’t think a CNAME for your domain should point to anything at Cloudflare.net. That implies that something is actually hosted, here. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s some special Plesk configuration.

The other CNAME that starts with cf.www also doesn’t look right, as I don’t know of a situation where a URL would start with cf.www.

Hopefully Ryan will check back in, but I suggest you open a Support Ticket here at support.cloudflare.com and post the ticket number here.