WordPress Password Needs Entering Twice Until Cache Purge

Hi there,

I have an issue with the My Account page on a WordPress install, which stops as soon as I purge Cloudflare cache.

Here are the steps I’ve taken…

  1. Visit page in private browsing, complete login form and click “Log in”.
    Result: The page refreshes with the password field empty.
    No other change on page, such as error messages.

  2. Re-complete login form and click “Log in”.
    Result: I’m successfully logged into the My Account Page.

  3. The private browsing tab was closed and steps 1 and 2 were repeated in a new private browsing window.
    Result: The results were the same for both steps.

  4. Cloudflare cache was purged, and step 1 was repeated.
    Result: I’m successfully logged into the My Account Page, without the need to repeat step 2.

This has been reported by many users.
Can someone advise on a possible way to resolve this issue, please?


You can create a Page Rule to instruct Cloudflare to not cache your login/admin areas.

Plus a cache rule with bypass action.

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Many thanks for your advice.

I’ve implemented these changes.
The only thing I did differently, is the first screen shot had Standard as the Cache Level, whereas I’ve changed this to Bypass.

The issue is almost always reported within a week of purging the cache. Should I give it a week to ensure the issue doesn’t return or should I mark your answer as the solution now and reopen if the problem re-occurs?

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Glad I could help you. Please, purge your cache, then try navigating on your login/admin pages with an incognito tab and see how it performs. If everything works fine, then you can mark this as resolved. But you’re always welcome to ask again for it and any other problems that you may face.

You can check if your headings are sending an: cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC on your developer tab. If you don’t know how to open it, just press Control+Shift+i.


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Oh. Yeah… Something I forgot to mention and you may want to know:

This means you create a page rule with:



If yes. I recommend that you change it to Standard and create page rules for your login and admin areas with the bypass directive. Because


Will mean that Cloudflare will not only bypass all cache for admin areas, but also, everything that starts with wp- This will make your origin serve any js css images, etc. that come from this areas instead of Cloudflare serving them from their cache.


Thanks, but it’s actually the My Account page that I was having the issue with, so the rule I’ve created is for /my-account/.

I see. Nice to see that everything worked fine for you!

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