WordPress pages not purging cache when making update


Good day! Since last month (July 2023) when I started my subscription to Cloudflare APO, I’m experiencing of pages not purging cache when it’s updated. Also, “Custom Purge” is not working, I need to “Purge Everything” before the updates takes effect.

Settings set:

  • (Browser Cache TTL set to ‘1 day’)
  • No page rules created

If I can’t find a solution on how to fix this issue I’m experiencing, is there a way where I can exclude pages to not cache using Cloudflare APO? So instead of always “Purge Everything”, it’s better to just exclude those pages then.

Sample of the issue encountered:

- This is the sample display before doing the update.

- This should be the display now after I made the update.

By the way, here’s the link to the page. please click on the “September 7, 2023” tab and scroll all the way down.

Note: I don’t have any performance or cache plugins used on my WordPress. Also, I’m on free account and just purchased the APO subscription.

Hoping for your help. Thank you!

I have the same issue, it would be good to get a fix.

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