Wordpress Page Rule Question

The example given for wordpress page rules has a dot “.” in it like so.

So far I’ve only been able to find wild card and the reference to the wild card. The example has an | as OR, but there doesn’t seem to be a full article on the syntax that can be used.
Does the dot represent just a dot or something else?


Which example?

The dot should be a dot and nothing else. No regular expression support.

The latter. Although I can’t find any info on the subject, the construct appears to represent any character.
It looks like the posting filter strips out the asterisks also.

Should have looked like this.

The Cloudflare examples for WordPress don’t make sense then. I added the et_fb myself, but the other items are from Cloudflare.

I am afraid I dont know what you are referring to. If you dont mention the example I asked for there is little that can be said.

I said the latter. That means the dot.

The latter of what? Sorry, but neither of that makes much sense. Which example? There must be a link.

It’s the dot. “.”



That is not an example and nothing mentioned by Cloudflare.

As I mentioned in my first response, that is simply a dot in a path pattern.

It wasn’t clear about which example, mine or Cloudflare. I thought you meant mine.

That is not the pattern of the page rule itself, but of that particular setting, which partially does support regular expressions, respectively a subset ("|" and “.*”). Also, it only is available on Business plans upwards. Do you have such a plan?

If it can read the setting as regular expression, wouldn’t it read the whole of it the same way?

And the answer is NO!
Tested it out.

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