Wordpress not being cached

I have this amazing cloudflare service activated on my website https://techxonic.com for few years now but I am facing a continuous problem.

My website is not being cached by google.

I have read a lot about this on internet. Majorly everyone pointed out to fix the sitemap and robots.txt which I have done multiple times but problem is still same. Still website not being cached but my website is ranking on first page for desired keywords.

I have few websites and few of them using cloudflare services. The ones I am using cloudflare service for, are not being cached and all other ones are properly being cached by google.

Need kind suggestion for this amazing community if I am missing some rule to set in the cloudflare account?

Any response will be highly appreciated to solve this issue.

Who tell you that your site is not being cached by google?
This is what i saw:

You can see in this pic. and once click on this cache error that brings me to a google cache page that shows me some error.

May be you can access that with this link below.

This is image result once you click on that google cache link.


Check Google Search Console to see if there is any wrong or notices?

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