Wordpress multisite with toplevel domains

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I am running a wordpress multisite install, each website has it’s own toplevel domain. (so I am not using the standard subdomain or subdirectory option)

What would be the best way to setup cloudlfare? opening two cloudflare accounts for each toplevel domain?
Or can I just open one cloudlfare account for the root domain and then ad the top level domains inside cloudflare? Then at the domain registar the topleveldomains namservers should be changed to the same cloudflare nameservers as for the root domain?

Here is some more info regarding cloudflare and multisite:

However the article bellow is not motioning how cloudlfare should be setup when using topleveldomains.

I hope that somebody can assist with this.


It depends on who you want to control the Cloudflare settings for each domain. If it’s just you, then they can all go into the same Cloudflare account. But if it’s for different users, you should consider separate accounts with Multi User access.

Thanks for your quick reply, it will be just for myself.

How would I add the topleveldomains to an existing cloudflare account?

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