Wordpress multisite subsites problem with login and cookies

I’ve made AWS EC2 Wordpress Multisite. So after setting up everything I’ve made a sub-site with new domain from Freenom and followed everything as with the main domain and the main site. But when trying to login it show

It worked right before adding the website to Cloudflare.
Things I’ve tried:

  • crate rules that force caching in CFlare
    -installing Wordpress Plug-ins
    -I’ve tested almost everything on this topic

The main site is still functioning with active SSL I just cant access the two sub-sites.
I have some doubts that may be something in the DNS zone must be touched but not sure what?!?!
I’ll be happy to hear from you.

I have a multisite, but have been very careful about how I set up caching. Is this subdomain multisite, or subdirectory?

I suggest for now you don’t activate any Page Rules or Workers. Can you post the hostname of a site that’s not working?

Just quick update I’ve setup correctly the main site also and now it shows the same error!

This is one non working jwdg.tk also the main site krasishop.ml

That looks to be a cookies issue since you’re using completely different domains. Here’s something about it. The bottom of the page has the best information.

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Thank you very much.

Adding this line to wp-conf resolved the problem

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Just to add an update now all 3 sites are down. All 3 sows Error 521 and I don’t have idea what’s the problem.

Las night everything worked perfectly.

As the 521 says, it looks like the web server is down.

I can see that my EC2 is running and I have ftp access.

I think may be something is wrong between setting up CF DNS, Route 53 and Freenom Nameservers.
Where should I leave my Nameservers and should I create hosted zone for each domain that wan to attach for each sub-site and at the same time have A record in Route 53 and in CloudFlare. I got a little bit confused.

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