Wordpress Multisite, subdomains, plesk, and Cloudflare. Almost got it working

We have a WordPress multisite that contains both sites that on subdomains and sites that are mapped to those subdomains. Using Plesk’s Cloudflare Server Shield, the setup was initially easy for the sites that are mapped. It appeared to work and the sites show up in the Cloudflare dashboard. Baqend SpeedKit is installed as well through the plesk extension.

For example: cat . dog . com is mapped using the domain cat . com and cat . com shows it is connected in both Server Shield and on the Cloudflare dashboard.

Now the subdomains that are not mapped are not showing that they are setup in Server Shield. So we went to Cloudflare and signed up the domain. The main domain and subdomains do not show being mapped in Server Shield, however they do show the domain to be mapped on Cloudflare. The name servers were updated in Plesk to the tad . Cloudflare . com and pole . Cloudflare . com. The main domain dog . com works. It loads and apparently that is good. All the subdomains show 404 errors.

I found a topic that mentioned that subdomains need to be mapped in Cloudflare individually. (unless they are mapped to their own domain, ie: cat.com). From that topic I have a screengrab:

However, this didn’t appear to work. From the image, it says ‘training’, ‘integrations’,‘downloads’,. Should these be ‘training . dog . com’,‘integrations . dog . com’, ‘downloads . dog . com’,’.dog . com’ in the A records?

Is there a way in Server Shield to do this easily? If there are dozens of subdomains, each has to be done individually manually? Does this require an Enterprise Plan? Do we even need Cloudflare if we are using SpeedKit (will ask this in another topic).

Any help is appreciated.

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