Wordpress multisite setup

Reopening Wordpress Multisite Cloudflare Setup

My subsites have individual domains. Is there a comprehensive explanation/tutorial on how to correctly set up a Wordpress multisite with Cloudflare? What I found about it so far was not helpful at all …


For Cloudflare it is not relevant how your sites are configured on your server.

As long as you can reach each of them regularly via a browser and via HTTPS, you can add them all to Cloudflare one-by-one.

Thanks, Sandro. So that is the way, set up each subsite individually? It was not clear from what I found so far. Especially in this article it is not even mentioned: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169356-How-do-I-use-WordPress-Multi-Site-WPMU-With-Cloudflare-

Maybe Cloudflare can update that article to make it a bit more useful.
Anyway, thanks again. I’ll try.


Before adding your domains to Cloudflare, make sure each is reachable fine via HTTPS. Then it is just a matter of adding it, changing the nameservers, and (ideally) everything should be up and running once DNS has propagated everywhere.