Wordpress Multisite, hosted at nearlyfreespeech.net, using cloudflare and SSL

I have a Wordpress Multisite, hosted at nearlyfreespeech_net (they are a bit tricky about file permissions). And I am using cloudflare and SSL.

This is a fragile setup. The main site (Network admin and 1st wordpress) work well. But the other wordpress sites are buggy. Can’t post or update a post (Depending on Cloudflare settings JSON problem or Updating failed). Saving permalinks options gives a database error.

So basically the domain_com/wp site runs fine, but all other sites like domain_com/wp/s1 etc are unusable. I am a little bit lost.’

I don’t know what a composer subdirectory is, but this sounds interesting:

" Potential WordPress Multisite with Composer Subdirectory Solution

We support WordPress Multisites with subdirectories. However, if you are working with a Composer-based Multisite ​setup, your sub sites might produce redirect errors. Your reference URLs might be incorrect if your WordPress core file path looks like this: /code / web / wp.’ "
docs_pantheon_io / guides / multisite/ debug/

Please, any help appreciated. I am lost.

What exactly is the issue you’re facing with Cloudflare that needs to be fixed?

It seems that you need to troubleshoot your WP installation to find out what is causing that error.

You seem to be using a platform that throws that error message. If so, you should ask help from their support.

What exactly is happening? Do you see Cloudflare error messages?