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I have a Wordpress multisite using subdomain structures, hellothere.passport-vip.com for example. The passport-vip domain in the main wordpress installation

Oh, in Wordpress, I also use mapping, so now I have these subdomains mapped to: hellothere.com for example…

  • The question then, is do I create just one Cloudflare account - the passport-vip ? And do I need to make any changes, or add any records A, or CNAME to this account?

  • Or, do I need to just create a new site in Cloudflare for each of my domains in under my wordpress Multiste? And from there, do I just need to change the rest of my nameservers on my register (godaddy) to point to the Nameservers provided by Cloudflare?

Or both?

Thanks…pretty confusing.

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Option #2. Every new multisite-hosted domain needs to be set up individually here. And the GoDaddy name server change.

If your visitors don’t use the passport-vip domain, you don’t need to set it up here…but it would help for better performance and security of passport-vip.

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Thanks sdayman.

This post has me confused however:


Do I follow your suggestion (#2), or as that post suggests (unless I’m not understanding), to just create the one site (passport-vip,com), and then add CNAME / and A records to the new site? And then I have to install new Wordpress plugins, as the post suggests?

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You have a complex setup. Your article is correct for the WP-Multi Site config; however, the Domain mapping adds another layer. Here are a couple more articles to pick apart. I am curious to see how it plays out for you. I am in the process of configuring SubDomains myself and haven’t decided on if I should use Multi-Site or not. :man_shrugging:


There are two types of Multisite:

  1. Every site becomes a subdomain of the main site (example.com): alpha.example.com, beta.example.com, charlie.example.com, etc. Those all belong to example.com and its DNS. This is a straightforward setup.

  2. Every site is a separate domain, but mapped to one of your subdomains. Now you need to work with DNS for those other domains, adding the CNAME to point to the subdomain in #1. Now someone who wants alpha.com to map to your alpha.example.com, they need to configure DNS for alpha.com to have a CNAME that points to alpha.example.com

Now it gets tricky, and I’ve not experimented with this. Cloudflare doesn’t let you layer Cloudflare on top of Cloudflare. If you’ve configured all of example.com and its subdomains to be behind Cloudflare, now you control the Cloudflare setup.

If alpha wants to use Cloudflare for alpha.com, and CNAME it to alpha.example.com, that subdomain is already on Cloudflare. I don’t think Cloudflare will allow this. Especially for different customer accounts.

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