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We are using a woocommerce, Enfold theme and and cloudflare CDN set up. Whenever we make any changes to the menu now, we get this error:

Error 504 Ray ID: 57b07143cf5dd218 • 2020-03-28 09:49:39 UTC
Gateway time-out

Just times out in a Cloudlflare page. Very weird.

Which is really odd. The changes do seem to work, as soon as we come back into the admin area and Menu, its been changed – but something is going a bit strange. Any ideas would be welcome? We have installed a plugin called “Nav Menu Roles”, but when we turned it off, we still have the menu issue. Nothing else seems to give this time out. Thank you

It could be that the site just takes longer than 100(?) seconds to complete the task, so Cloudflare stops waiting. The task completes behind the scenes, but Cloudflare alerts you that it took too long.

thanks for the info.

Ive contacted my web host (siteground) and they have said " Please contact Cloudflare and request whitelisting the following office IPs:"…whole load of IPs.

Is this true?

The only IP address I’d ever white list would be the IP address of the server itself. You can certainly try that. But I suggest you also check the Firewall Events Log here to see if there are any blocked requests. There’s a chance that your server is trying to connect to itself for this process, but I’ve not heard of that before. I’ve had other processes fail where I had to whitelist my server.

Thanks, “Firewall Events Log” - where is this please? ive had alook at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024520152-Understanding-Cloudflare-Firewall-Analytics but there is no:

  1. Click the Firewall app.

    1. The Overview tab lists the Activity log .

Anywhere i could see? Do i have to installit in my cloudflare account or something? cheers

It should be there, unless you have a partner setup with limited access to Cloudflare. Mine’s empty right now.

thx, i see now. It looks like…siteground themselves tried to log to the WP site (looks like the tech was from Bulgaria!) so that itself was a different issue…

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