Wordpress login session visible to visitors

Hi all,

Visitors on my site seeing site as they are logged in as admin. Some of them see broken pages etc. When I manually purge cache after logging out from my site it goes normal, but after next re-cache it comes back as logged in.

I have bypass admin page and login page in “Page Rules” settings. Can anybody suggest any solution. In my experience it doesn’t happened before and shouldn’t be.

Thank you

Post a screenshot of your page rule list.

Thank you Sandro for quick response. Attached is screenshot of page rules.

It seems you are caching everything that does not fall into the rules one to eight. That is probably the reason for your issue, as you simply cache pages under your session if you happen to be the first one to open them. Cloudflare has a bypass cache on cookie feature but that is only available on Business plans. Try disabling rule #9 and check if it fixes the issue.

Thank you Sandro. Your solution worked like a charm.

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