WordPress login issues

*Hi, I am having issue with WordPress login. I recently updated my PHP to 7.4 and when I logged out, I discovered that I could not login. I contacted BlueHost, website host, to see if they could help. I was told that the issue I have is with SSL which is provided by Cloudflare. Has anyone had similar issues? Can anyone help please?

Do you have SSL cert in your server? And, what’s your SSL encryption mode? Is it Flexible?


No. I don’t have SSL cert on my server.

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So, what is your recommendation?

And how do I go about setting up a full certificate with Cloudflare?

Please read the Tutorial I just linked to.

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Thanks! I will do it straight away…

Thank you very much. I have followed the instructions set out in the tutorial. But before I can complete everything, I will to double check with my host server later on to make sure that all is ok.

Thank you once again for your kindness.


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