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Hello Sir,

I am using Your free Cloudflare Service, But i can’t Login my Wordpress Dashboard after i am change password for my wordpress site. but i can’t login my dashbaord. so please help me.
My Site-https://www.spicykings.in/


From your Cloudflare dashboard, go to Overview and use a Quick Action to enable Development Mode, then try again. It could be a caching issue.


hello Sir

after i am changing on devlopment, but i can not login my admin panel


Step 2: Go to your Cloudflare Overview page. Under Advanced, click Pause Website. Then try. That completely bypasses Cloudflare. If that doesn’t fix it, then it’s an issue with your WordPress installation. I guess you could then try the Forgot Password option.


Hello Sir,
Thanks for Help
Now I can Access My Wordpress Site.
You are best service provide to Me.


What fixed it? If you had to use Pause Website, it’s not using Cloudflare now unless you turned off the Pause.

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