WORDPRESS - Login Issue with WP-ADMIN After Migrating To Cloudflare


We are facing a problem which has been discussed many times here and we tried quite a few steps but NO nothing worked for us.

We are not able to login to a client wp-admin control panel, we have put the SSL to flexible, uploaded the WP Plugin for Cloudflare Felxible SSL and activated it. We are still not able to login to that account and provide support to client.

They are irritated with us as we migrated them from their previous DNS hosting provider to Cloudflare.

Please help…Thanks

If you use Cloudflare as DNS-Only, it should work just as before.

That would not be the solution as if we migrate other WP installs and face the same issue ?

What is the best way to deal or avoid this SSL issue and WP-ADMIN login conflict ?


The best (and correct) way is to have sites working properly with HTTPS before you add them to Cloudflare.

The site actually is installed with Sectigo Comodo SSL before we added the site to Cloudflare.

Today we deleted the site then created again and updated DNS manually, that resolved the issue and we were able to login to ADMIN area. Previously installed the Flexible plugin in WP but when we selected SSL flexible and again we were blocked.

There is no step by step guide on how to resolve this issue, what should we do ?


I believe there is no way out with the tech admins here…with

WORDPRESS - Login Issue with WP-ADMIN Usng Cloudflare Full DNS & features

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

That’s an excellent setup. That will let you continue to use SSL and Full (not strict) mode is designed for that.

That’s always a bad option. And since you do have SSL on the server, there’s no need for any Flexible settings, including that plugin.

Sorry @sdayman for any misunderstanding. I wanted to mean there is no step by step guide here in community to resolve this issue.

We are working on this issue now and will update here once resolved.

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