Wordpress Login does not work - Cache problem?

We have a wordpress website with users that login everyday. For some weeks now we frequently get e-mails from customers which say that they cannot login. We tried to login and it is true. After entering the login data and clicking on LOGIN… nothing happens. The login page is working but not logging in the user.
If we purge the cache on Cloudflare then it works again… but just for some hours. After this the problem is back.
So the cache of Cloudflare seems to block somehow the login and registrations of the visitors. What can I do? Any recommends? :slight_smile:

Cloudflare does not cache HTML/PHP by default. What product do you have enabled that could be caching the login page of your WordPress installation? For example: Page Rules (Cache Everything), Cache Rules, APO… Check these features if any is enabled on your site.

Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile: I do not know, but the login just does not work, it only works for maximum 24 hours if I purge the cache totally. So it works just for a day. So for me it is a problem with the login of wordpress and Cloudflare.

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